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The Duff Report- Duffs Wacky take on the wireless news........

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Welcome To Duffs Wireless News....

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More news to come

Duffs News 06-19-2009

Something doesn't make sense.....

2 days ago I stopped into the Mountain View, CA
Verizon Wireless direct store I noticed that the only PCD models we had
on the displays were the PC5750, VX6850, UM175VW
When I asked where the Casio Boulder phone was
they said they pulled it off the sales floor and were doing a Blackberry promotion.
The Manager said the Casio Boulder phone was not in the Plan-o-gram he received.
Now I see that Verizon is pulling the plug on the BOGO Blackberry promotion.
-Blackberry buy one get one free going by bye


Do bears live in the woods?
Does the pope live in the Vatican,
Do fish need water to live?
Hey look more obvious stuff,  UTStarcom is restructuring again ,
-What is that like 10 times! they've restructured already????
-2,300 people to be cut globally....(thx Dave Chuboda)

New iPhone 3G out today....sales brisk....lines long....
Want to tether to your computer, that's an additional $55 fee...

Also the Sirius/XM radio iPhone App is out today
-current Sirius subscribers expect to pay additional $2.95 per month and you don't get NFL or Howard Stern..
-non subscribers you have to pay 12.95 per month
Geezzzz just  Stick with  or


RIMM Blackberry CEO expectes 8.1 to 8.7 Million Blackberrys sold in the
quarter ending August.....
-consumers not enterprise making up the vast majority of sales (80%)....
-enterprise subs getting clobbered says analyst....
Trying to stay relevant....
T-Mobile says they will be selling the HTC Dash in July 09...


Verizon Wireless selling a World USB modem,  online only...
called the USB1000

Duffs News 06-16-2009

Rumor of the day .....

Is this a real picture of a Dell Smartphone?
-looks like it's equipped with Android....

In other Dell news .........

-Dell still lurking in the background, sitting on $10 Billion in cash
wanting to buy somebody this summer....
-Let's see now,  they have former Motorola prez already on board with them
who could they possible want to buy?????  hmmmmmm....

New Phone alert:
New Blackberry in World tour, RIM's new device is a world phone
being sold to :VZW, Telus, Bell Canada and Sprint...
-"Ol school" blackberry no touch screen...


Preordering an iPhone 3.0S? go to Apple stores and make AT&T happy....
-AT&T is Ebeneezer scrooge when it comes to it's in store salespeople
-Seems it's limiting delivery to AT&T direct stores to save on in store commisions


Cricket launches the Samsung My Shot-.....
Sir state the obvious ,
Samsung Exec Hong Won-pyo says Smartphones., Touch screens and messaging devices
key to Samsung growth......
-He says he's rooking for handset market share to grow big, very big, to 20% up from 18%, (200 Million phones Target)

-He also unveils the new JET-  Touchscreen OLED Device....


The Sprint Palm Pre Could be made to Tether your computer.....

Seems all is peachy in LG World....
LG Plans to ship 110 million handsets in 2009..........

launching 3 android devices soon.....


Duffs news 06-02-2009

Oh Boy It's Dr Seuss Day..

Verizon to open App store soon
Sure to make Developers swoon
It will support Brew and Java
Hoping it will be as hot as Lava....


Nit- twitter took a whack on the Noggin
while crackberrying a tweet,
oh how sweet
getting tripped up on his own two feet.
Will he ever walk and tweet?
I don't know lets ask Pete.

Palm and Sprint give a hint
They're hoping Pre will launch without any  hitches
with no more dirty software glitches.
so they built a room made for War
hoping to support all the Sprint stores
Everyone knows that Sprint is in trouble
if they mess this up it will be double.
So we will all see, what can Pre Be
will customers stay or will they flee...

Google a Gaggle with a new cupcake batter
Does it all matter?..
how much software can they make?
making the cell phones act so smart
not to to sweet and not to tart
Bake it into PC's 
Bake it into Phones, 
Google will be making money all the way home...
T-Mobile promises a New Android by summer
hoping it will not be a sales bummer
G1, Now G2  what will it do?
more than you think and more than you know
with video and touch
can it do much?
we will soon find out
when July comes about....

TechFaith launches an HSUPA Card
Hey that's kind of hard
to launch a Card
in our own backyard?
What do you expect from a CEO named Defu Dong
no kidding, no pun just had some fun
sorry if I went on a little-to long...


Duffs News 05-28-2009


The feel good story of the day......
Samsung is recalling 160,000  of the those "I've fallen and I can't get up " Jitterbug phones...
-Seems It Can't call 911 in certain areas
-It Can't be fixed via OTA
-Samsung sending out, Hand written recall letters using fountain ink pens,
and mailing out via pony express, should arrive in in a month or so to end users..

-My God the phone was designed for Mr.,Magoo,
How could they mess up something so simple,
the phone has like what 3 buttons..............

This just in....
Verizon to Sell Palm Pre in by end of 2009 
and New Blackberry Storm ....


Stop Texting!!, Stop Tweeting!!, Stop IM' ing!!, Stop Facebooking!!,
 It's dinner time,  not I'll watch your thumbs moving as you stare at your little screen
while your stuffing your mouth time....
says Mrs.Church lady ....Aren't you Speciallllllllllllllll.....

Your Hot and Your Cold , Your Yes than your No....
AT&T Exec chimes in -we will sell the Palm Pre after Sprint Exclusivity runs out...
-They also want to roll out Google Android Phones....
In the same breath CEO says, Smartphones are also choking the AT&T network....????
Make up your mind....

Small sample, but here's a ranking of the best mobile broadband service  (UM175 used as example)

Creepy Study 
A Real study: must of been conducted by perv Doc,
Not sure if his name is Dr. Pedofi-lee..
He says "Sexting is no worse than Spin the bottle..."
Boy this guys nuts, 

Your money or your life
You got to love Verizon.....
search crews frantically trying to help lost man,
hey Verizon can you help us by turning mans phone on,
sure pay us some of his past due balance and we'll be glad to help ya....


Duffs News 05-26-2009


Nokia figured if Apple can do it so can they.......NOT.......
They do a global launch of the new OVI App store.....OMG, What a &%**ing Disaster!!
Let's see Nokia's CEO's reaction to it....(Duff's secret transcript of Nokia's CEO)
CEO: "Oh my god, What have you idiots done! it's a total debacle!!!!
the user interface is awful, apps don't load, Apps Disappear
it's one gigantic Cluster**$%!!!
Who are the people responsible for this mess?
Underling: uh sir you laid off the key people a couple of months
ago remember, in a rash attempt to look like you were cutting overhead?
CEO: Oh.........

(Apple's Steve Jobs is secretly laughing his butt off,
now he can't wait for Sprint's PRE to launch to fall flat.)

The good news, jobs for a chiropractor, psychiatrist,optometrist, physical therapist, should all see increases in employment.....
The bad news Unlimited texting can hurt your back, make you crazy, ruin your eyes, and give you carpal tunnel syndrome.

If an all you can eat buffet can lead to obesity, weight gain,sluggishness
-all you can text plan can lead to Carpal tunnel, sleeplessness,distraction, anxiety.....
Just because you can text unlimited doesn't mean you should....


Cellular South gets the Motorola Hint QA30....


AT&T To Launch Android phone in August...
Secret Code named is "Lancaster" (speculation the phone is being designed by pretzel eating Amish engineers, in Lancaster PA...)

US Cellular launching the Samsung Gloss.....


FYI -Brightpoint Inks Logistics deal with Clear Wireless