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Duffs News 05-26-2009


Nokia figured if Apple can do it so can they.......NOT.......
They do a global launch of the new OVI App store.....OMG, What a &%**ing Disaster!!
Let's see Nokia's CEO's reaction to it....(Duff's secret transcript of Nokia's CEO)
CEO: "Oh my god, What have you idiots done! it's a total debacle!!!!
the user interface is awful, apps don't load, Apps Disappear
it's one gigantic Cluster**$%!!!
Who are the people responsible for this mess?
Underling: uh sir you laid off the key people a couple of months
ago remember, in a rash attempt to look like you were cutting overhead?
CEO: Oh.........

(Apple's Steve Jobs is secretly laughing his butt off,
now he can't wait for Sprint's PRE to launch to fall flat.)

The good news, jobs for a chiropractor, psychiatrist,optometrist, physical therapist, should all see increases in employment.....
The bad news Unlimited texting can hurt your back, make you crazy, ruin your eyes, and give you carpal tunnel syndrome.

If an all you can eat buffet can lead to obesity, weight gain,sluggishness
-all you can text plan can lead to Carpal tunnel, sleeplessness,distraction, anxiety.....
Just because you can text unlimited doesn't mean you should....


Cellular South gets the Motorola Hint QA30....



AT&T To Launch Android phone in August...
Secret Code named is "Lancaster" (speculation the phone is being designed by pretzel eating Amish engineers, in Lancaster PA...)

US Cellular launching the Samsung Gloss.....


FYI -Brightpoint Inks Logistics deal with Clear Wireless